Measuring Impact

The Life Skills Assessment Scale: Kennedy, Pearson, Brett-Taylor and Talreja

Our challenge was to find out how the many children on Dream a Dream’s Life Skills programmes in India benefitted.

In western countries, we use development milestones. In India, we set out to design a specialist set of measures simple enough for anybody to use.

Milestones are very simple tasks that measure hugely complex developmental issues. We can ask a child to pile up play bricks which measure complex neurological development. We now only need a set of play bricks instead of a brain scan.

The skill was to design simple tasks that actually measure the effect of Dream A Dream’s programmes. So seven years ago under a coconut tree we started. After much testing, the final paper was published in an International Scientific Journal. The LSAS is a world first, leading the field. Key features:

  • • Five simple measures that anyone can use
  • • Measures for one child or whole groups of children
  • • Which programme works for which child
  • • Statistically tested, peer reviewed and shown to work
  • • Standardised: any disadvantaged child entering a programme can be measured to see how ‘damaged’ the child is compared with the other children
  • • Works for any disadvantaged child anywhere in the world
  • • Free access and costs nothing to use, just the question sheet and a pencil
  • • A gift from the Dream a Dream team to the world!

The measure is already in use in different parts of the world.

Simple scoring sheets are available from Dream a Dream, India.

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